Panther Bank

"We are proud to sponsor the only school bank in the county."

Supporting Our Students

Panther Bank was started in the Fall of 1996 at Fleming County High School by Peoples Bank. It is a financial services class offered to juniors and seniors. College credit can be received through the Maysville Community College if the class is taken for a full year. It helps to teach the student how to run a bank utilizing real-life experience.

Although the Panther Bank isn’t a full service bank, it does offer small loans that can be utilized for lunch payment and savings accounts for students and faculty, with faculty having the option of automatic payroll deduction. Students apply for positions through interviews and have certain responsibilities with each job that they must follow. The positions to be filled include president, vice-president, auditor, head bookkeeper, loan officers, and tellers.

A standard skills assessment test for financial services is also available to the students and after successfully passing, they receive a certificate that can be utilized in future job employment. A scholarship is given from Peoples Bank to one senior student in the graduating class each year. In addition, a Panther Bank store was started in 2004 that offers Panther mascot novelties and school supplies.

For the school enthusiasts, Peoples Bank offers a black leather Panther checkbook cover, with the Fleming County Panther school mascot embossed on the front. This unique checkbook cover, available for the low price of $19.95, can be used with single or duplicate checks and includes:

  • slide-in pockets for checks and register,
  • a transparent window for drivers license or an alternate form of I.D.,
  • separate slots to hold credit cards, and
  • a vinyl insert for pictures.

Panther Checkbook

Checks ordered with the Fleming County Panther Bank logo imprinted on them will receive a FREE black vinyl cover with the Fleming County Panther school mascot imprinted on the front. Both items are available to students as well as the public. Please call or visit our Customer Service Representative for further details on ordering your new personalized checkbook cover.

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