Peoples of Fleming County Bancorp, Inc. Consolidated Balance Sheet

December 31, 2018

Cash and Due From Banks $16,695,253
Federal Funds Sold $500,000
Investments/Securities $33,535,338
Loans, Less Reserves $255,368,990
Accrued Interest Receivable $2,358,617
Buildings and Equipment, Net $6,708,592
All Other Assets $2,351,228
TOTAL ALL ASSETS $317,518,019
Demand Deposits $29,506,204
Time and Savings Deposits $229,378,787
Repurchase Agreements $1,312,880
Advances from FHLB $17,938,461
Accrued Interest Payable & Other Liabilities $1,895,847
Dividends Payable -
Capital Stock $730,950
Additional Paid-in Capital $3,836,298
Undivided Profits $33,295,172
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income ($376,580)

Officers and Staff

  Andrews, Sharon


  Argo, Trevor Loan Officer
  Bjorklund, Brittney Compliance Assistant
  Brannon, Tim VP/Market Administration
  Brooks, Madison Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  Brown, Kira Loan Processor
  Cannon, Carson Teller
  Carter, Tabitha Custodian
  Case, Betsy Loan Administrative Assistant
  Caskey, Kim Custodian
  Combs, Malissa Universal Banker
  Conley, Caleb Teller
  Conyers, Cheryl Ann Loan Processor
  Cooper, Debbie Trust Officer
  Coyle, Cynthia Teller
  Crawford, Bonnie Teller
  Crawford, Keely B Teller
  Crump, Lindsey Accounting/HR Officer
  Donovan, Adam Loan Officer
  Foley, Lonnie CFO/Board Secretary
  Fritz, Randy AVP/Assistant Trust Officer
  Frizzell, Patty Teller
  Fryman, Paula Bookkeeping/Records Supervisor
  Gooding, Dina VP/Senior Operations Officer
  Gross, Margie Customer Service Rep
  Hamilton, Davetta Compliance Officer
  Hamm, Danielle Teller
  Hamm, Karen Loan Clerk
  Hardy, Emily Teller
  Harmon, Blake Loan Officer
  Hart, Patricia VP/Senior Loan Officer
  Hawkins, Mary Susan Loan Clerk/Escrow Analyst
  Hawkins, Suzanne Teller
  Hester, Jerri Branch Head Teller
  Hunt, Lynn Loan Operations Department Manager
  Jeffries, Chad Network Assistant
  Johnson, Melina Loan Data Coordinator
  Jolly, Katelyn Teller
  Jolly, Kelsie Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  Jolly, Leigh Ann General Ledger Bookkeeping Assistant
  Jones, Robyn Branch Head Teller
  Kinder, Tony President/CEO
  Lewis, Connie Custodian
  Lowery, Heather Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  Masters, Laken Universal Banker
  Mattox, Teri Loan Clerk
  McCarty, Shania Teller
  McCloud, Jordan Marketing Support
  Moore, Chris WAN Assistant/DP Assistant
  Moyers, Lori Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  Nash, Neva Receptionist
  Newberry, Debbie Customer Service Rep
  Newberry, Debra Branch Head Teller
  Oetzel, Meaghan Teller
  Peratt, Gordon Data Processing Supervisor
  Pettit, Mary Jane VP/Market Administration
  Planck, Jason VP/Network Administration
  Poe, Holli Teller
  Reid, Christen Compliance Assistant
  Reynolds, Pamela Executive Secretary
  Reynolds, Paula Teller
  Ripato, Rhonda Branch Head Teller
  Ritchie-Hayslip, Devona Teller
  Robinson, Michelle Loan Collection Manager
  Romero, Vicki AVP/Loan Officer
  Shields, Toni Fleming County Head Teller
  Scaggs, J.C. VP/Market Administration
  Scaggs, Tracey Teller
  Sparks, Georgianna AVP/Customer Service Rep
  Tackett, Megan Teller
  Thomason, Kelsey Teller
  Thurman, Allison Teller
  Tolle, Jarrod Teller
  Tranbarger, Jeff VP/Loan Officer
  Vise, Tim Branch Head Teller
  Ward, Valerie Teller
  Williams, Aleah Teller
  Womack, Ben Loan Officer
  Yarber, Robin CSR


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